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About academy

Biotechnology/Life Sciences is one of the most important applied sciences of the 21st century. Biotechnology is a field at the cutting edge of science and is a promising research oriented and fastest growing interdisciplinary field. It finds application in every sphere of life and has tremendous career opportunities available now and in future.
The ACADEMY provides you an advantage to enter into the most demanding disciplines in sciences which not just create degree but careers.

The ACADEMY was founded in year2005 by ex-IITian, to provide an invaluable opportunity for those brains who aspire for distinguished career in the field of biotechnology/life sciences.

gate exam

Candidates will be required to appear in a single paper of three hours duration. The examination will be held from09:30 hours to 12:30 hours on Sunday, February 08, 2009. The list of papers for GATE 2009 is given under Structure of GATE. The question papers will be in English only.

Before applying for GATE 2009, candidates must assure themselves that they have chosen the right paper, which qualifies them to become eligible to seek admission to the specific programme they are interested in. The criteria for postgraduate admission with Scholarship/ Assistantship are different in various Institutes/Universities. GATE Offices will not provide any information in this regard. For more details, the candidates are required to contact the Institutes/Universities to which they are interested in seeking admission.

choice of the paper is the responsibility of the candidate.